It often happens that you are hungry and there is no one at home to cook for you. What do you do at such a time ? Do you look for the options available at home ? Or do you order food from outside ?
Having fast food everyday is not good for your health. It makes your liver fatty. However, if you do a little bit of hardwork, you can cook some nutritious, mouth-watering food for yourself. To start with, Maggi is a good option as it is easy to make. You can make it delicious and nutricious by adding a bit of vegetables.
Other options include- -Grilled Cheese Sandvich :
Grill the bread, spread some mayonnaise mixed with vegetables and add a cheese slice. Your sandvich is ready.
Fruits are a perfect source of vitamins and nutrients. You should consume it in large quantities be it banana, orange, apple, grapes, guava, watermelon. Remembr, the canned fruit juices available in the market have less nutrients as compared to fruit. So, don’t think that having a glass of juice is equal to having a fruit.
For every teenager, milk is essential as it helps in making the bones stronger by supplying carbohydrates. A variety of flavours available in market like vanila, butterscotch, strawberry, thandai, chocolate. Add them to your milk and enjoy a chilled glass of milkshake.

-by Tarun Raheja

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